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Who We Are

Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA) is an association of substance abuse treatment organizations working together to advocate for and promote the understanding of the self help therapeutic community (TC) methodology for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

Key Activities:

TCA provides leadership in representing therapeutic community (TC) interests to Congress and Federal agencies to promote acceptance of the need for drug and alcohol education, prevention, treatment and research in the policymaking community.

The Association represents and promotes the efficacy of the TC methodology to ensure that it is understood by others and that TC concerns for the modality and its clients receive appropriate attention.

TCA works to expand organizational resources in order to serve and increase benefits to members, facilitate resource sharing, and increase support for its program and certification activities.

The Association strives to increase recognition of the "Therapeutic Community" name and work by the public and private sectors through the dissemination of informational materials, development and dissemination of policy positions and promotion of the message that "treatment works".

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Increasing public knowledge of Therapeutic Community philosophy and methodology;
  • Developing and promulgating standards of quality for Therapeutic Community programs and practitioners;
  • Providing members with information, networking and forums by which to promote Therapeutic Community methodology with Federal, State, and Local governments;
  • Creating an atmosphere of mutual assistance for members to find support and encouragement in their individual efforts;
  • National representation for membership.
Please send comments and questions to:

TCA National Office
1611 Connecticut Ave., Suite 4-B
Washington, DC 20009

Phone: (202) 296-3503
FAX: (202) 518-5475

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